Swa. Tatya Bapat Smruti Samiti


Functions of Swa. Tatya Bapat Smruti Samiti in 'Education'
The primary focus of Swa. Tatya Bapat Smruti Samiti in the 'Education' sector is:

Balwadi (kindergarten)
  • Bal-wadi has been started 15 years ago in Anandnagar Sevavasti of Chinchwad.
  • There are 2 teachers and 40 students .Basic education is given.
  • Balwadi runs from 1PM to 3 pm in the afternoon.
  • Ganesh Festival, Wari-Palkhi procession, Makar-sankranti Festival,Bhondla,( one of the traditional festival of Maharashtra celbrated widely in rural area ) are held.
  • Diwali sweet & Faral is distributed to all students.
  • 15th August Independance Day and 26th January Republic Day are celerbated in kindergarten.
  • The kindergarten is run to inculcate a love of education in the children of Seva Vasti and to impart basic knowledge.
  • At present evening classes are conducted for the children in the kindergarten premises

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